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G-Trade Oil company.

G-Trade Oil is the official distributor of Gazpromneft-Lubricants LTD as well as Gazpromneft and G-Energy trademarks in the areas of Piraeus-Attica and Thessaly.

Our goal is the reputation of a reliable and profitable partner as well as building and to development of long-term professional relations with all categories of consumers in Greece.

Passenger and commercial vehicle lubricants as well as industrial and marine lubricants.

The company specializes in wholesale and retail sales of lubricants for passenger vehicles (PVL) and commercial vehicles (CVL), industrial oils (IND), that are intended for lubrication of industrial equipment, MARINE lubricants destined for all types of equipment installed on marine and river shipsug, and other types of lubricants and technical fluids.

Cooperation Principles

The basic work principle of our company is the highest possible satisfaction of our customers' needs, and we are successful in this, because we understand that our clients purchase not just a product or service, but an opportunity to build their own business on it. Therefore, we offer mutually beneficial conditions for development based on a professional approach, market knowledge and our clients' tasks understanding.

We are always ready to advise our clients on any issues arising in the course of work as well as to guarantee uninterrupted supply of raw materials and services for enterprises striving to offer both quality and competitive products.

On our website you will find detailed information about our company and the products we offer. We are intended to keep you informed about all new products of our assortment, as well as about significant events in our company’s life.


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G-Trade Oil is open to you, because the meaning of our work is the provision of quality products and services to our partners and customers.