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G-Energy Antifreeze NF 40

G-Energy Antifreeze NF coolant concentrate is used to prepare the working coolants with specified temperature of the freeze point by diluting it with water. The concentrate is not used as working coolant. Finished (diluted) coolant is designed for use in the cooling systems of internal combustion engines. G-Energy Antifreeze NF contains hybrid set of corrosion inhibitors comprising salts of organic acids and silicates, it does not contain nitrites, amines and phosphates. It is produced according to Company Standard 84035624-165-2015.
G-Energy Antifreeze NF is an ethylene glycol-based coolant, it protects the cooling system and engine of the car against frost, boiling, corrosion, and cavitation. This coolant shall be used in accordance with the car manufacturer’s recommendations.

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